Innovative orthotic systems with
discreet and effective designs

The perfect orthosis for each pathology

Our orthoses are tailored to the individual needs of each patient and are the result of combining cutting-edge technology with decades of experience in this field.

Main features

100% custom-made orthosis




Wide range of parts

Discover Leckko, our made-to-measure immobilising orthosis

Leckko is the revolutionary system of immobilizing orthoses for the upper, lower limbs and trunk, made entirely to measure.

OKM Orthetics

Tailor-made immobilisation system that combines an elastic cotton fabric with a rigid or flexible polyurethane foam padding. The system adapts completely, quickly, and efficiently to the patient’s anatomy, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and comfort. In addition, OkmSystem® is a removable orthosis: it has an opening and closing system that allows the patient to take the orthosis on and off whenever necessary, e.g., to take a shower. This results in a better quality of life.

OkmSystem® is an immobilisation system designed for all types of patients who value comfort, safety, and efficiency. We offer both an adult and a paediatric range.

Leckko is our new tailor-made immobilisation system. Based on an innovative and sustainable material, thermo-gel:

  • It is a 100% custom-made orthosis.
  • It can be remoulded, enabling the shape to be corrected whenever necessary.
  • Timesaving: the piece will be finished in just 20 minutes, with no mess.
  • It is super light and comfortable and can also be washed.
  • We offer a wide range of parts, including a paediatric range, enabling a suitable solution to be found for each patient.

At OKM, we manufacture custom-made insoles.plantillas seriadas y a medida. They are manufactured to the highest standard and are adapted to the needs of each patient.

We have at your disposal different types of corrective and functional orthoses. Amongst others, we offer: AFOs, DAHOs, our Eclipse neck brace, thermoplastic corsets, etc.

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