At OKM we can print any design on decorative fabrics, transfer paper or 3D fabric

We offer over 200 designs to personalise orthoses, prostheses, or postural seats

Our catalogue presents all the products we manufacture for the decoration of orthoses, prostheses, and seats. And if you’re looking for other alternatives, contact us and we’ll help you with your personalised design.

OKM Decoration

We are manufacturers of decorated paper for the orthopaedic sector. We offer you a wide variety of papers, with different colours and designs that will help you personalise your custom-made orthoses.

We manufacture decorative lycra for personalisation of prosthetic sockets. Our fabric is specially designed to adapt easily to any type of mould, preventing the pattern from deforming during the lamination process.

If you want to upholster a seat or postural bed we have at your disposal a wide range of fabrics with different characteristics, to meet the needs of each patient: waterproof, breathable, and thermo-mouldable fabrics, among others. We also offer the option of customising your own print on 3D fabric, or of having us upholster your seat.

To simplify your search, we present OKM’s all-time best-selling designs, plus the ones we’ve launched in 2023. We also offer you the option to download the complete catalogue so you can see all our designs.

Download the OKM Decoration catalogue to find more information on this range of products

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