Comprehensive solutions to meet individual needs at any stage of development

Seats tailored to each patient

All our positioning and mobility products are designed to improve the quality of life of children with neurological and physical impairments.

Discover all the personalised solutions we offer to cover the needs of verticalization, seating and mobility in transport.

Our CAD/CAM technology allows us to adjust exactly to the shape and characteristics required, in order to obtain customised seats using the best quality materials.

OKM Mobility

How does the process work?

  • Build the seat with plaster or with a vacuum cushion system (Vacuum). At OKM we can supply you with both alternatives. And for even more convenience, we can even offer rental of our Vacuum.
  • Scan or measure the seat.
  • Send us the plaster mould or the .stl file together with the manufacturing protocol that we provide you with.
  • We will take care of the 3D design of your seat. Which we will send you for you to review and validate.
  • Once the design is validated, we will begin to manufacture the seat using the highest-quality materials.
  • Finally, you will receive the seat, ready to be tested by the patient.

Remember that you can customise your seats: we offer different finishing services, materials, paints, upholstery, covers, embroidery, among others.

We have different mobility structures that can be customised with accessories according to the needs of each patient. Our chassis catalogue includes options for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you need specialised positioning strollers for children and infants that guarantee perfect stabilisation of the body, we have different options that adapt to what you are looking for. They are very easy to use and set up.

We have different products that offer solutions for standing. They can be positioned in pronation, supination and upright, as required. They also have adjustable supports, platforms, and straps, for best positioning of the patient. We have standing frames with a lying position, and even an electric model.

We offer different multi-positioning devices designed for use at home or school, that allow the patient to participate in educational, occupational therapy, and play activities.

Our children’s car seats offer the option of positioning the child correctly, with maximum safety, during car journeys.

We have different air cushions, specially designed and manufactured to prevent the appearance of pressure ulcers in patients with reduced mobility. All of them can be adapted to each user in accordance with their needs and lifestyle.

Dynamic modular backrest for self-propelled wheelchairs used by active patients. Its design is very attractive and can be customised.

We offer all kinds of materials for the manufacture of customised seats: vacuum cushions, air pumps, ABS sheets, foams, flexible waterproof paint, and a wide range of fabrics for the finishing of seats and postural beds.

Download the OKM Mobility catalog to find more information on this range of products

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